Do you qualify for the 2010 Small Business Health Care Tax Credit?

The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit is designed to help small businesses who have no more than 25 fulltime employees, not counting owners or their family members, and the average annual wages of employees must be less than $50,000 per fulltime employee. This health care tax credit also mandates that the owner of the small business must pay a least 50% of the single coverage for their employee’s to qualify for this credit. This credit is targeted at small business with the express intent to encourage organizations to offer health insurance coverage for their employees. We recommend that you discuss this credit with your tax consultant to determine your eligibility and potential credit amount should your company qualify.

New Testing Available for Diabetes!

A new test is available called the NMR LipoProfile. This test can predict the development of type 2 diabetes in women as early as 13 years before blood glucose test put them in the category of diabetic. Study’s done at Harvard University linked women with the greatest concentration of small LDL and HDL particles four times as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The test suggests this occurs because the tiny particles are more densely packed with cholesterol and triglycerides. To learn more visit

My company’s group insurance policy renews January 1, 2011. When should I hear from my agent to start the renewal quoting process?

The short answer is now. The truth is, with this complex time in major group medical, agents should be in regular contact with their customers. The new federal legislation on health insurance is complex and changing. It is our top priority to make sure that our customers are informed about changes to the health care laws. Our goal is to make sure your company is well informed and compliant with all the new laws. Please feel free to call or email us for a quote today.

If I’m on Medicare will my benefits change?

Those individuals who are Medicare age now or will be in the near future will see benefits expand slightly under a basic package of Medicare benefits. Let’s start with prescription drugs, or what is known as Part D. At the end of August nearly 1 million Medicare beneficiaries received a $250 check to help bridge the coverage gap, or what is better known as the “doughnut hole”. This is the gap in Part D coverage where beneficiaries must pay the full cost of their prescriptions until the catastrophic coverage kicks in. Starting in 2011, beneficiaries will receive 50 percent discounts on brand name drugs and 7 percent discounts on generic drugs while they’re in the coverage gap. The new health law is scheduled to close the gap entirely by 2020. Beginning in 2011 the new changes to health care also state that Medicare beneficiaries won’t have to pay co-payments or deductibles on many preventive health care services, including diabetes and cervical cancer screenings. Medicare will also pay for your annual wellness visit to the doctor. If you are looking for sound advice when it comes to Medicare, call or email me I am happy to help. ~ Bryan Valentine.