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In this time of rapid change in the health care system, you need an advocate looking out for your interests.

Insurance Design Solutions, Inc., is a family-owned agency located in Greensboro, NC.  With more than 12 years of experience in the insurance industry, we stand ready to help you find the best insurance options that are available now, and to keep an eye on how your options and opportunities may change as the new insurance legislation is implemented.  

New government regulations concerning health care means that employers need to stay ahead of the game to make sure they’re in compliance, and to avoid fees and fines.  We are monitoring the ongoing changes to the health care system, and will share with you what we learn and offer suggestions on how you can best take advantage of those changes in a series of articles you can read in the “News” section of our site.

IDSI offers services to both individuals and employers seeking to offer insurance benefits to their employees.  You'll find that our rates are very competitive due to our low overhead. Our primary aim in this economy is cost-containment while providing ample benefits, with a proactive focus on health management and wellness programs.

It’s true that most major insurance carriers provide direct methods for you to purchase their coverage, but for no additional cost to you, we will serve as your advocate should you need to appeal or resolve claims issues, often a difficult process without the help of an agent who knows the business.

We stand ready to answer questions from all our clients – individuals, employers and employees – about your coverage.  You will not be trapped on an extensive phone tree, determining which extension to select and waiting to talk to a real person! We provide personal attention to all our clients.

We look forward to serving you when you’re ready to explore new options in your health care coverage.  Request a quote today!

Jim Valentine, Group Benefits Manager
Bryan Valentine, Individual Benefits Manager


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