Individual/Medicare Benefits

Matching your needs with a cost-effective plan.

The variety of health care plans available today can boggle the mind!   An experienced agent can help you sort out exactly what you and your family need in a plan, and be your advocate in resolving any claims disputes that may arise down the road.

As a family-based agency, we also see our clients as friends and family.   Rest assured that when you work with us, your account will be handled by Bryan Valentine.   You won’t be handed over to an account agent you haven’t met before, or someone who might change from year to year. Bryan is fully licensed to sell individual medical plans through the Federal Marketplace, commonly known as the “exchange”, at no additional cost to you. Certain rules apply; give Bryan a call to find out if you’re eligible.

We offer:

  • Individual Medical Plans
  • Federal Marketplace Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Medicare Supplements Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Part D Plans

As the government continues to modify the health care system, we will monitor the changes and provide information about how those changes may affect your policy, as well as what opportunities new regulations may bring.

We do not use any third-party general agents: all our contracts are direct with all of our carriers.   Our Individual Benefits Providers include:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage
Blue Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO
Blue Medicare Supplements
Blue Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO
Coventry One
Mutual of Omaha
Central States Indemnity
Delta Dental
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions
UnitedHealthcare Individual Health Insurance